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Search Engine Optimization

Making your site findable

You’ve worked hard to improve your company’s image offline. Why not let an expert help you with your online image? Whether we built your site or not, Clear Vision Communications can work with you to create the best possible site architecture to curry favor from the search engines. You can have the most attractive design in the world, and if no one can find it, it is completely useless.

Marketing your website

The whole idea with search engine optimization is to do everything within your power to secure the top spot in the major search engines through Private Blog Networks. A large part of that equation is the number of inbound links on the web that are pointing to your website. We can help submit your site to the right online directories, which provide the links back to your site.

Content is king

Your website should be your online portal for business. It should be your business’s best foot forward, and the place that all your social media accounts point their traffic. Part of making your website as strong as it possibly can be, is content. Search engines look for authoritative sites. So if you are a restaurant for example, a blog about how you come up with your menu items could help you. With our writing experience, we can help you craft the content that can make the search engines see you as an expert.

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